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Fermenting Crocks

InFerment’s ceramic fermenting crocks are made to order in our high-temperature kiln. Each piece unique in it’s shape, texture, and imperfections, our fermenting crocks serve as a functional piece of art that will serve as your vessel into the captivating world of fermentation.

Miso Fermentation Crock

Large 2 Gallon open crock fermentation vessel, perfect for making miso paste from a variety of beans and collecting soy sauce from the top. Available in 2 glazes – Desert yellow glaze and Forest green ash glaze. The inside is finished with a durable, non-toxic brown glaze. 

InFerment Booklet

Welcome to the world of fermentation! Here in this booklet you will find some practical guides to using and caring for your fermenting vessel. I’ve included three basic recipes to help get you started – for sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickled vegetables.