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1 Gallon Ceramic Fermenting Crock


Ordering & Availability
Due to the handcrafted nature of these crocks, we only produce 15 Fermenting Crocks per month. Most orders are shipped in 2-6 weeks.

Custom Requests
If you would like to request a specific size (i.e. 2 gallons and bigger), shape, and glaze combination, please contact us.

We Ship Worldwide
Our ceramics can be shipped anywhere in the US and Internationally. For international orders, please contact us for a shipping estimate. 

This water-seal crock is durable and ideal for fermenting. It provides functional efficiency and adding sculptural beauty while eliminating the pungent fermenting smell. A ceramic vessel is the best way to make Sauerkraut, kimchi and fermenting all kinds of vegetables such as cucumbers, beets, cauliflower, and carrots. Whether you’re just getting started with fermenting or looking to upgrade your setup, our non-toxic handmade vessels are guaranteed to do the job!

Five beautiful glazes are available in the one-gallon fermenting crock:

Pacific Green- This glaze has been developed in the studio to create a silky matte calm and pretty green hue in your home and kitchen. Its soft green glaze is pleasant for touch while radiants a mood of lush meadow and healthy greens! The crock is glazed inside with the safe brown stable glaze Earth that is easy to clean and presents a nice contrast to the soft green outside. Enjoy fermenting in our Pacific Green crock!

Desert- The monumental beauty of the deserts echos in your hands when you touch this vessel, transcending the landscape onto your kitchen counter. The Desert glaze design is a combination of two glazes; inside is a brown-black glaze that is very functional with its smooth, shiny surface as it is easy to clean. Outside is a matte yellow-ochre color,  a wood ash glaze with rusty brown spots, its texture practical for handling in a wet environment.

Aspen- it reminds me of an Aspen Tree bark with its brown and pink hues or the orange flashes on the bare clay. It is a white-light gray thick glaze, which its unique translucency is enhanced by the blue-gray brushstrokes shown from underneath. Each piece and vessel are slightly different with their brushstroke variants, movement and tones.

Forest- The forest glaze is an ash glaze sourced from the Pacific Northwest forests’ tree ash. The colors range from a canopy of cold and warm greens in dark and light tones, with occasional orange and brown flashes. Its surface is mottled, having the identifying ash glaze appearance of vertical creaks-like lines. The crock is glazed inside with jade color smooth and shiny glaze, while the ash glaze outside is matte.

Redwood- The redwood glaze is an ash glaze sourced from the Pacific Northwest forests’ tree ash. The colors range from a canopy of cold and warm greens in dark and light tones, with occasional orange and brown flashes. Its surface is mottled, having the identifying ash glaze appearance of vertical creaks-like lines. The crock is glazed inside with shades of red and brown color smooth and shiny glaze, while the ash glaze outside is matte.

The one-gallon can produce saurekraut from about 4-5 cabbages. All of my handmade ceramics are one of a kind, with intricate details that make each piece a unique work of art. Each vessel connects us with nature’s substances; soil, minerals, and trees while carrying through long generations and traditions of knowledge and creativity.


  • One fermenting crock and two semi-circle weight stones


  • Volume – 1 gallon
  • Height – 10.5″
  • Diameter – 8″

Includes Free Booklet!

Introduction to the world of fermentation, recipes, using and caring for your crock, health benefits, ceramics, and more

Getting Started with Fermenting

Explore our guides and articles that will teach you everything you need to know about Fermenting. You can also send us an email with any questions before or after your purchase.

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32 reviews for 1 Gallon Ceramic Fermenting Crock

  1. Verified Buyer

    I love my fermenting crock! Not only does it provide ample room for fermenting, it looks beautiful displayed in my kitchen.

  2. Verified Buyer

    Beautiful fermentation crock, I love it! The only feedback I would give is that the inner wall of the water reservoir is slightly lower than the outer wall, so I have to be careful not to overfill the water reservoir.

  3. Ryan V.

    Great product

  4. Peter

    I purchased a 1 gallon fermenting crock in the aspen glaze and it is as beautiful as it is functional. The mouth of the crock is big enough for me to easily get my hand in to pack down a batch of kimchi or kraut and the gently tapered wall leaves plenty of room for a large batch. I’m especially impressed with the size of the water channel which holds an ample amount of water and doesn’t need refilling frequently. It’s not an inexpensive crock, but the craftsmanship, quality, and beauty of this functional piece of art more than make it worth the cost.

    I’m already contemplating my next purchase and appreciate Hadar’s thoughtful answers to my questions.

  5. Larry F.

    The crock arrived very well packed and in perfect condition. My wife was absolutely thrilled and is eagerly looking forward to using it. She’s been fermenting with standard crocks and mason jars for some time, but this is her first water seal crock. The crock itself is a beautiful object that we will enjoy seeing in the kitchen, many thanks!!

  6. Anonymous

    My fermentation vessel turned out so beautifully and Hadar was amazing about keeping in touch. I would recommend these vessels to anyone interested in fermenting 🙂

  7. Ed

    Beautiful, wonderful product!

  8. Michelle

    Lovely crock that is a really good size for kitchen use.

  9. Chen Kasterstein

    The bottom line – Highly recommended! I’m extremely pleased in every parameter: Excellent shopping experience and customer service, high quality vessels, beautifully designed, fast shipping, and the most important- great fermentation results!
    The long version: I was looking for a unique handmade fermentation crock, and while browsing the net, I crossed this Desert glazed Crock, that really stood out among the vast variety of vessels.
    Since I am new to the world of Fermentation, I contacted Hadar for further information, and for some more details. Hadar responded quickly, answered all of my questions, gave me some (very good) advices, and sent me pictures of the actual products.
    The crocks arrived in no time, and they are even more beautiful than in the pictures. They are all Desert coated, and yet, each is distinguished from the other, as if it has it’s own personality. As Hadar promised, the size is perfect for a family quantities, and the ceramic allows a slow fermentation process, regardless the very hot climate of my country.
    Needless to say – the result of fermentation are surely an upgrade from a fermentation in glass jars.
    I love the shape of the crocks (both beautiful and functional with the water tunnel around the cover), the comfortable opening (that eases the work), and the Desert glaze which gives a touch of warmth to the kitchen.

  10. Jessica

    I am thoroughly enjoying my new crock. The glaze is gorgeous and looks great on my counter. I just filled it for the first time and it was easy to pack and use. The weights work perfectly. Thanks to Hadar for creating something so functional and artistic!

  11. Alison

    This crock is amazing! The sauerkraut was delicious and I can’t wait to make another batch.

  12. jtravism

    Crock arrived safely. The yellow exterior glaze is awesome – I couldn’t see the crackling in the photo but it adds so much character and charm – I love it as art alone. I have already started a batch of kraut in the thing – my first ever – and am overall very very pleased! Thanks for your expert packing and sturdy box!

  13. Ross

    Accurate in color and beautifully made. Shipped in plenty of bubble wrap to keep it safe during the package heavy holidays.

  14. Laura

    I purchased the crock for my husband as a Christmas gift and am happy to say that he LOVES it! So far he has made giardiniera and it was super tasty – many more ferments on the horizon.

  15. Leigh

    This was my husband’s favorite Christmas present this year! He is already on his second fermentation project.

  16. Tanner

    We love it! Its beautiful and I swear the kraut we make with it tastes better than ever before!

  17. Lara

    Absolutely beautiful piece! I got it as a gift for my brother and his wife and they were blown away. Lovely and super functional.

  18. NinaBT

    I love beautiful practical items and this is certainly just that! Perfect size for a small household too. Also, of note it was packed very well and arrived in great shape.

  19. Stephanie

    This is my second crock from Hadar and I love them both. I originally bought a 1 gallon crock and used it so frequently I decided it was time for a second (1.5 gallon this time).

    I had the opportunity to pick up my crock and see Hadar’s studio which was awesome and inspiring. Her work is all beautifully made and functional. I can’t find anything else like it. Thanks, Hadar! I may be back for a 2 gallon. 😄

  20. Adam

    The crock is gorgeous. Shipping was free and everything arrived in perfect shape!

  21. Oriana

    We had a couple issues with our first order but Hadar did everything to make it right. She was quick to respond via email and sent us a replacement vessel for free. Excellent customer service. The crock is equally as impressive. I was able to fit 4 large heads of cabbage in the vessel and now we have a wonderful, functional piece of art making sauerkraut on our counter! Thanks Hadar!!

  22. motiondoctor

    We received the pot and jar in perfect condition. Robin was totally thrilled. Totally. She loves the glaze and says it’s exactly what she would have picked for herself.

    Gotta tell you, however nice I thought they looked in the photos, they’re far nicer in real life-totally functional and totally beautiful! You make beautiful things.

    Our first fermentation was carrots, cauliflower, green beans, red onions and daikon. Delish! Robin’s a natural at natural fermentation.

    Thanks again,

  23. aoire

    These crocks are gorgeous and so well made. Thank You so much – and thank you that they were shipped so well and without styrofoam peanuts!!

  24. aoire

    I reviewed this with the first crock i ordered. Thank You so much for the beautiful well made and artfully designed crocks!

  25. agirlinagarden

    Absolutely exquisite craft and artistry in this crock! And incredibly customer service from Hadar. The UPS gave both of us quite the run-around when it came to delivering this crock because of a mistake on UPS’s part that they refused to acknowledge and Hadar communicated with me every step of the way and got the crock to me safely in record time! I’m so grateful to have such a beautiful piece to use! Thank you so much for going above and beyond <3

  26. Brooke

    It’s beautiful.

  27. Amarit

    This beautiful crock looks great on my counter and I used it to make some of my best sauerkraut ever. Fast shipping and it arrived well packaged. I highly recommend!

  28. Adrian

    I am absolutely thrilled with the Fermentation Crock and Sake set that I purchased from InFerment. Both pieces arrived quickly and well protected. They are both beautiful additions to my kitchen and my first batch of sauerkraut is already under way in my fermenting crock! I may have to order another one soon.

  29. Christopher

    Arrived in a few days and I got a batch of sauerkraut started, should be ready any day now! Also very attractive on the countertop.

  30. jtravism

    This is absolutely stunning! This is the second crock I have ordered from InFerment and it’s just such a functional gorgeous piece that I am rethinking my plans to gift this one away at Christmas. I am so completely pleased once again here – these gorgeous vessels are worth every last penny, and the seller is such a pleasure to work with! 100/10!

  31. disastrosaurus

    I can’t even express how excited I am about this crock! It’s even more beautiful in person, and all the idiosyncrasies of the glaze give it a wonderful earthy character. Also, thank you so much for the matching cup! It’s my new favorite for tea. Thank you!!

  32. Pearl

    Beautifully made and sturdy. Came with weights and a cute little bowl. Excellent craftsmanship and I would order from this shop again.

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