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High Temperature Fired • Made to Order

Ceramic Fermenting Crocks

InFerment ceramic fermenting vessels are handcrafted with individual attention to each piece. They are made of 1/4” thick high-temperature stoneware clay and natural ash glaze that insulate the contents from the outside atmosphere. The rim creates a water-seal trough, which doesn’t allow any oxygen into the vessel, but still allows the fermenting gases to bubble out through the water. This makes the fermentation process extremely easy, avoids mold, and, perhaps most importantly, eliminates the fermenting smell!

Artisian Crafted • Unique Designs

Ceramic Tableware

Explore handcrafted cups, mugs, bowls, plates, teapots, sake sets, and more unique home/kitchen items. My tableware collection is available in several stunning glazes. Each piece featured is made to order. For custom requests and commercial tableware sets, please contact me to discuss your vision and requirements. 

One of a Kind • Every piece has a story

Ceramic Sculptures

Part of the studio’s work is dedicated to the expression of ceramic materials. The complexity of minerals undergoing the stress of heat and lack of oxygen transforms clay and glazes into a realm of limitless appearances. It is dazing to consider the vast compositions made possible by clay’s plasticity, as we create an everlasting language of forms.