InFerment Studio • Seattle WA

Handcrafted Ceramics

A passion for sharing wellness and beauty led Seattle artist and fermentation instructor, Hadar Iron, to create In Ferment. Crafted of stoneware clay and natural ash glaze; each crock is a unique work of art meant to enhance its surroundings, as the wholesome foods prepared in it improves and energizes your well being.

Seattle’s Hub for Fermenting and Ceramics

My work in the studio is an assembly of individual and collective relations, that signify for me the intricate interdependence in our lives. It starts with the simple collecting of ash from the neighborhood’s pizza oven, or from my neighbor’s stone hearth. It continues through the inspirational walks with friends through the northwest woods near Seattle, and through relationships with collaborators, students and those who receive vessels. I perceive my ceramic art as a hub for creativity in many different realms – the arts of farming, gardening, hiking, traveling, cooking, arranging and hosting, all connecting us to each other and to the natural origin of our resources.

Getting Started with Fermenting

Explore our guides and articles that will teach you everything you need to know about Fermenting. You can also send us an email with any questions before or after your purchase.

How to Choose a Fermenting Crock

Explore the different types of fermenting vessels. See the pros and cons of each, and what to watch out for when shopping for a crock.

Guide to High-Fire Ceramics

Learn about the history of ceramics. Explore the differences between materials, glazes, firing processes. Find out what makes InFerment crocks and tableware products so exceptional.

Everything You Need to Ferment Successfully 

How to Use a Fermenting Crock

An all-in-one guide to fermenting. Understand the process behind fermentation, equipment and ingredients you need, and a complete walkthrough of the process from start to finish.

How to Prevent Mold

Discovering unwanted mold in your fermenting vessel is no fun at all. Learn what causes mold, how to prevent it, and best practices for a healthy fermentation.

How to Clean Your Crock

Keeping a healthy enviornment is critical for succesful fermentation. Find out the right way to clean your crock, and important things to avoid that you might not know.

A Symbiosis of Art and Food

The relationship between art and food has a long and beautiful tradition, which is easy to forget in our culture of instant gratification where waiting equals irritation, but the fermenting journey is in itself enjoyable and rewarding. It begins with me as I throw and glaze the vessels individually, and fire them at the traditional high temperature, which produces high quality ceramics with a unique beauty. The journey continues with you, as you bring the presence of art into your kitchen with your InFerment vessel. Enjoy the health benefits of fermenting, and your own joyful art of creating quality food with attention to its sources and origin.