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How to Clean Fermenting Crocks

Hadar Iron

Ceramic Artist & Fermentation Educator

Washing with soap and water the interior of the crock after using is recommended. If there is an undesirable smell from the last fermentation you wish to get rid of before the next batch, fill the crock with water and baking soda and leave it overnight. DO NOT wash the crock with vinegar since the vinegar deposit most likely will harm the next batch’s lactobacillus bacteria.

How to Clean Fermentation Crock Weights

The stone-weights are not glazed but are fired through the high fire, making the clay nonporous. Washing them with water and soap is sufficient. I usually rinse them with warm water between batches, and if they have a pungent smell, I soak them in a bowl with water and baking soda.

Others boil them after every use.

How Do You Sterilize Fermentation in Crock?

You can wash the crock in a dishwasher, as our glazes will resist the hot water and the detergent. Still, I’m not particularly eager to sterilize the crock between batches, as some of the bacteria may survive from the previous batch and can be helpful to the next. However, in that case the crock has not been used for a while and may have gotten dirt, dust, or other unpredictable material. In that case, it is necessary to clean it before using it again thoroughly.