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InFerment Booklet – Fermentation: Art, Health & Connection

This booklet is included complimentary when you purchase one of our Ceramic Fermenting Crocks


Welcome to the world of fermentation! Here in this booklet you will find some practical guides to using and caring for your fermenting vessel. I’ve included three basic recipes to help get you started – for sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickled vegetables. In writing it I was also inspired to share some thoughts on what ceramic art and fermentation mean to me.

Ceramics is the art and science of mixing, melting, and shaping rocks and minerals. This is my medium. The result is the simple and efficient fermenting tool you have before you. With it you will be able to create wonderful food to share with your family and friends. What I would like to share with you is how that simple kitchen tool can also open the door to improved health, and how it can connect you with a meaningful tradition of fermenting in ceramic vessels – a tradition that reaches back through thousands of years.


  • 16 pages, color
  • Published 2022
  • History of fermentation
  • Health benefits
  • Role of salt
  • Hire fire ceramics
  • Use and care of InFerment crocks
  • Recipes
  • Art and life