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Miso Ceramic Fermenting Crock


Ordering & Availability
Due to the handcrafted nature of these crocks, we only produce 15 Fermenting Crocks per month. Most orders are shipped in 2-6 weeks.

Custom Requests
If you would like to request a specific size (i.e. 2 gallons and bigger), shape, and glaze combination, please contact us.

We Ship Worldwide
Our ceramics can be shipped anywhere in the US and Internationally. For international orders, please contact us for a shipping estimate. 

This crock is durable and ideal for fermenting. It provides functional efficiency and adds sculptural beauty while eliminating the pungent fermenting smell. A ceramic vessel is the best way to make Sauerkraut, kimchi and fermenting all kinds of vegetables such as cucumbers, beets, cauliflower, and carrots. Whether you’re just getting started with fermenting or looking to upgrade your setup, our non-toxic handmade vessels are guaranteed to do the job!

Two beautiful glazes are available in the one-gallon fermenting crock:

Desert- The monumental beauty of the deserts echos in your hands when you touch this vessel, transcending the landscape onto your kitchen counter. The Desert glaze design is a combination of two glazes; inside is a brown-black glaze that is very functional with its smooth, shiny surface as it is easy to clean. Outside is a matte yellow-ochre color,  a wood ash glaze with rusty brown spots, its texture practical for handling in a wet environment.

Forest- The forest glaze is an ash glaze sourced from the Pacific Northwest forests’ tree ash. The colors range from a canopy of cold and warm greens in dark and light tones, with occasional orange and brown flashes. Its surface is mottled, having the identifying ash glaze appearance of vertical creaks-like lines. The crock is glazed inside with jade color smooth and shiny glaze, while the ash glaze outside is matt.

The one-gallon can produce saurekraut from about 4-5 cabbages. All of my handmade ceramics are one of a kind, with intricate details that make each piece a unique work of art. Each vessel connects us with nature’s substances; soil, minerals, and trees while carrying through long generations and traditions of knowledge and creativity.


  • One miso fermenting crock
  • Two semi-circle weight stones
  • One bottom plate


  • Volume – 2 gallon
  • Height – 13″
  • Diameter – 10″

Includes Free Booklet!

Introduction to the world of fermentation, recipes, using and caring for your crock, health benefits, ceramics, and more

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