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Fermentation & Ceramics Workshop

Fermentation in Ceramic Vessels

October 14, 2023 • Seattle WA

Join Hadar Iron of Inferment for an exclusive workshop to explore the fundamentals of fermentation in ceramic vessels. This 3 hour interactive event, hosted at my studio, which will take you through the history of fermentation and high fire ceramics. Explore how ceramics are made, the science and art behind ash glazing, and the essentials of fermenting kimchi and other dishes at home. Admission to this workshop includes your very own 1 Gallon Fermentation Crock, handcrafted in the studio by Hadar. 

Workshop Details

What’s Included

Join us for unpacking the concept of fermentation, its evolution throughout history, its cultural impact and immense health benefits. Then we will pack your own vessel and learn how to make fermented foods.

We will learn about the different fermenting vessels and why ceramic vessels are the best for vegetables and how to clean them.  We will discuss high fire ceramics, clay, glazes, and their durability and non-toxicity.

1 Gallon Ceramic Water-Seal Fermenting Vessel

Two-Part Learning Experience

  1. A discussion and history about fermented foods
  2. An interactive workshop on how to make fermented foods in your new vessel

Also Included

  • A spread of delicious, fermented vegetables, drinks and bread will be served homemade by Hadar.
  • A starter of sourdough or Kefir grains will be yours to take home to kickstart your fermenting journey.
  • We will provide mixing bowls, organic vegetables, spices, sea-salt and seeds.

What to Bring

Note – We recommend bringing your own kitchen knife, cutting board, mixing bowl, and kitchen towel. This is so you can become comfortable using your equipment to ferment. If you are unable to bring your own equipment, we can happily provide equipment for you to use during the workshop. Please mention that in the registration form.


  • Your favorite kitchen knife
  • Proof of vaccination
  • Mask


  • Large cutting board
  • Kitchen towel


Covid Safe Requirements

Please note proof of vaccination is required. All participants must wear a mask at all times. We will have the air filter running in the studio. You must also wash your hands after arriving at the studio and before cooking.


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