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Seashell Cereal Bowl


Ordering & Availability
Due to the handcrafted nature of these items, we produce a limited quanity each month. Most orders are shipped in 2-6 weeks.

Custom Requests
If you would like to request a custom item or set of items, please contact us. I can make items in smaller or larger sizes, as well as customized sets for home or commercial use. 

The Seashell glaze has a gorgeous surface of various colors from white, gray to flashes of blue and green streaks. Its sheen is varied from glossy to matt or stone-like appearance, depending on the location it was placed in the kiln during the high-temperature firing. Its luster and unique coloring gave its name, Seashell, for it feels as an object belongs to the seashore, either in a stormy or a quiet sea. Enjoy having your favorite food in such a vibrant surface dish.

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